Sound of Music

Hello People of the world! Today’s post is dedicated to the Gods of music, who must practice at 5AM with the speakers on, full blast.

Just DON’T Do It

As a traveler and music lover, I completely understand the sudden burst of inspiration where you absolutely must pick up the guitar and make that tune. I do. (I have a guitar, which by admission, I don’t play well at all, I still need to learn and practice chord progressions and stuff.)

When you travel inspiration can strike at inconvenient times. And that’s cool, as long as you don’t plug in your electric guitar to your speakers and crank up the volume so high, even the dead would rise from their graves. Guitar strings produce such a lovely set of earthy vibrations, it’s just evil to ruin it for everyone at 5AM!

This happened when I was at a hill station with family and cousins. After the usual, check in, settle in, go crazy through the day, come back exhausted and just pass out, after 4 hours of having weird conversations which, if anyone else overheard, would be a one way ticket to the nearest mental facility… by the end of it, we were utterly drained of all abilities to keep our eyes open, let alone having hilariously incoherent conversations. When the room right next to ours started to come alive with this evil noisy screeching, we almost died. Not even kidding. All of us sat up, all red eyed, wondering if we were hallucinating because of sleep deprivation, and then again. We were convinced it was a shared nightmare, until the elders also came to our room to yell at one of my cousins who’d carried his guitar with him, but he was as disturbed as the rest of us.

We went next door, to ask the guy to shut up. The volume were so loud, he couldn’t hear us knock, or the telephone in his room, which rang to death and then some more. 30 minutes into the ordeal, even the hotel staff knocked endlessly at the door, but future Mr. RockStar had ears only for his music. Finally the manager opened the door with the spare key, putting us all out of our misery. Mr.RockStar faced the music, while we tried live our lives with the noise seared into our brains. (stuff of nightmares, that is.)

I’m gonna push off now,

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