Surviving with a chatter box

Hello people! In our series of anecdotes about annoying things that fellow travelers indulge in, today I will be sharing the story of by chatter box co-passenger.

P.S we were friends before that journey, after that I could not stand her.

Me and my friend decided to go on a all girls trip last year so after all the messed up packing and with the stress of not missing our train we boarded the train. It was an over night journey and we were accompanied by an old aged couple (that was a mood spoiler though). The initial hours of the journey were quite comfortable as we were busy in settling of luggage and in finishing our dinner but the scene of terrifying me started after that. I was traveling with her for the first time and I never really interacted with her so much before this journey. An hour before when her chatter box started I used to think that she will bore me through out the journey, she proved me wrong instead she irritated me throughout that over night journey. Talking on unnecessary and irrelevant topics is what she did all the time.
Is it only my bad luck or has it happened it with you also? Have you ever encountered a person, who disturbed you till core when you wanted some silence? Well, if you have then you can understand what I felt that time. (I swear I wanted to stitch her mouth that time)

Its time for me to push off, will be back with another anecdote to entertain you, till then toodles!

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