The Season Of Love…

Women’s day is approaching and here at Room N House we have decided to make all the girls out there feel bit special… So today I will be talking about that part of the season that each girls loves to be in, the season of romance, the season of Valentines.


Winters, just awesome the weather is, when the cheeks go red with blush and the nose with cold, when the girl shivers from cold and guy proudly gives her his jacket. Oh! Winter should be named the season of love. This weather might not be as cool as summers where a pretty lady can show her skin or not too hot like summers where pyjamas are a girl’s best friend this weather has something special, every lady has some stories about this weather. (I can almost see you recalling some of them as you read this!)
Some chit chats with friends, some close moments with special some one sitting on the roof this season brings everything with it, as we say, its on the house!
Well now the foodie inside me is breaking through, this weather not only brings romance with it but also yummy edibles. It is said all the best thing in the world are edible and I strongly believe this. All the pakodas, chole bhatures and all those unhealthy oily dishes which one can not enjoy in other seasons can easily be consumed in this weather. For the chicken lovers winter is just the right weather to enjoy tikkas and the kebabs.

Women’s day is near by, so talking about it, this season is also the right one for shopping. Who will go to shop in open markets in the months of June and July? Surely not me and not even you..! In winter with cold waves and coffee in hand shopping makes a perfect blend.

Not sure about all the ladies out there, but this is surely my favourite season, not only because I have some special memories with it, but just because this season always brings something new, something special, with it.

The season of love and romance winters.

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