Hey ya people! What’s up with you guys? Well I am pretty excited, to share my next anecdote with you. No chit chat this time I’m coming straight to the point! Have you ever traveled with someone who cannot stand a piece of dirt? Don’t sit here it is so messy? Don’t eat it, god knows how it is made? If these people are left free, they will kill everyone with their phobia. Well I am talking about traveling with a germophobic. If we look at the termed definition of this word then, people suffering from germophobia are the people who fear from germs and people fear from them.(I’m just joking, nothing personal)
There can be nothing worse than traveling with a person who is having fear of germs. This one journey of mine which I am going to narrate today has a germophobic villain. My friend and I decided to do a train journey just to spend a bit more time together and to build our bond, I knew that she had a problem with germs and dirt but I never saw this side of her in our 5 year friendship before this journey.


The moment we reached our berth her ‘anti-germ’ brain started to irritate me. Clean the seat before you sit! Is the water you are drinking pure? Where is our food cooked, I need to check that place! She started to piss me off. Thank god it was a day journey, otherwise she would a sued the Indian railways for the blanket which they provide to their passengers.

She made my journey horrible and this was the last time we traveled together. One advice for those who will be travelling in recent future, before choosing your travelling companion, test his/her chemistry with the germs!

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