walking_holiday_europe_italyThese days, most of us lead busy lives. There’s always that train to catch, that business meeting to reach and that friend to meet. We have become so accustomed to the rush of city life, that it tends to slip into the way in which we vacation.

We want to get to that exotic location, do every exciting activity the place has to offer and see almost everything in a span of four to five days. Even though that leaves you with a ‘holiday record’ of most number of sites seen and new things done, it still makes you feel like you didn’t do much or there’s that little something extra you could’ve done.

Wondering why that happens? Well, it’s because you’ve been biting much more than you can chew on your sojourn. Yes, that’s exactly the reason why you still haven’t mentally digested your most recent holiday.

But do not worry, we have just the thing for you to try on your next vacation – Ditch the rented transportation! See what kind of an adventure you find yourself in when you set out on your own two feet.

Walking not only slows down the pace of your holiday but also helps you connect with the vibe and essence of the place you are visiting. You can look around freely and not just catch glimpses like you would if you were in a rented car.

A trip on foot makes your holiday about the finer things – soak in the hustle and bustle of a market place, feel the crush of dried leaves under your feet in a forest or simply get lost and ask a local for directions -walk off the beaten path.
It’s only when you venture out that you truly become one with the place.

Personally, the only time I feel like I’m traveling is when I’m walking. Walking sets you in tune with the rhythm of the place you are visiting – it not only loosens up your mind but frees your spirit too – truly lets you fall in love with the place.

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