Why RoomnHouse? Well, Why Not?

As a member of the double X chromosome league, I often got to hear about the very real evils and perils of being a girl in the big bad world, and it made me wonder, does this have to be the way every single time? Must I shush the wanderer within me for the fear of theft, of money, peace, dignity? Clearly the rise in crimes against women weren’t doing anything to help my decision making.

Then there was RoomnHouse.

Everything changed, just like that. Now no more interaction with sleazy hotel staff members, who will (in some cases) go through your stuff under the pretext of room service. No more guilt trips for not tipping the bell boy, no more anxiety/panic (if you’re a lone traveler) when room service overstays their welcome. No more hotel type settings! When they say, Travel Easy, Stay Easier, they’re not just coining a catchy tag line, it really is God’s honest truth! Everyone loves a hassle free booking and a hassle free trip, loves? More like deserves a hassle free booking and trip experience. RoomNHouse gives you exactly that.

Come to think of it, women are, in some ways like the site, really not that complicated (and that’s saying something!)

The best thing (for me) about a system like this, is that the guest gets to chill with the host and gain insights into the local haunts like no hotel’s service desk can ever hope to provide! And might I suggest, the guest and the host can actually end up becoming good friends. Our lives are meant to intersect with others, so why not with the people that endeavor to make you feel right at home, even if you are miles away from it?

Book at RoomNHouse, it lets you earn out of your vacation! Ladies, the possibilities of what can be done with that extra buck are endless. 😉

Think about it, why else would 65% of their booking audience comprise of women?

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