Woman’s day special: Top 5 Everything for Women

Well its that one day of the year when women can sit back, relax and leave behind their duties at work, as a mother, wife, sister, daughter. Yes if you are a woman and your reading this, then please try and leave the world behind for today and have a look at this bucket list and try and pamper yourself with it. Incase your a man who is reading this, then you know what to gift your mom, wife/girlfriend, sister or just a special woman in your life.

Top 5 Artists to tune into on woman’s day :

1) Lorde : If you wanna feel “Royal” and in in control of your fairy tale fantasies, Lorde has the tunes for you.

2) Beyonce:
 “Who Run The World ? Girls! ” , and tell him ‘If he likes it he should put a ring on it’. Yup thats what Beyonce is about.


3) James Blunt: “Your Beautiful”, I’m sure every woman wants to hear that, and in James Blunt’s sublime voice, it’s perfect .


4) Lana Del Rey: Most of her music is dark and moody and reflective, but pain is absolute and who better to express it than her. In the mood for some “Summertime Sadness” ?


5) Katy Perry: Be it your “Teenage Dreams” or falling in love with an extra-terestrail, Katy will connect to your spirits.


Top 5 Movies to catch on Woman’s day: 

1) P.S. I love you (2007): A grieving young widow learns to find joy through the letters and tasks her husband has left behind. Something for the soul this one.


2) Bridget Jones Diary (2001): A romantic comedy based on a woman’s dilemma. Admit it, it’s good to be spoiled for choice.


3) Love Actually (2003): Whats better than a ‘Rom-Com’ ? Well a multi-starer ‘Rom-Com’ with a star cast thats so charming you may fall head over heels.


4) The Devil Wears Prada (2006): This one is not the usual chick-flicks. Even with it’s comical elements it has a sense of empowerment.


5) The Notebook (2005): Some say this one could even melt the most cold man. A romance so pure, get them tissue box out and  cry away.


Top 5 Things to Do on Woman’s day: 

1) A healthy wholesome breakfast at a cafe with your close group


2) Spa and full body massage


3) Purchase and gobble on chocolates, our recommendation “Royce”


4) Shop till you drop, you have earned it

5) Get the hubby to make dinner, and post that take him out for drinks


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