Women’s Day, a tomboy’s nightmare

That would be me finding myself, in Natasha’s quote.

It’s a bit weird to write about Women’s Day, because like yeah, it’s tomorrow, but still, are we not women everyday? Especially when some of us are called “tomboys”? Truth be told, if there’s anything worse than public humiliation on Valentine’s day, it has to be Women’s day.

Look I’m not a sexist or a male chauvinist. I’m just a girl, whose more likely to be “one of the guys” rather than “my girlie bff, who dons the perennial pout.” I prefer listening to rock music over other genres and most of my favourite songs belong to Metallica and the likes of them. I can watch a game of football or cricket, maybe even play it and figure out that I have poor limb and brain coordination. I’m the kind of girl who aunties assume will never get married, “because a guy wants to take home a wife for life, not a husband in a Salwar suit” to which if I dare to snap with a “what makes you think I’d wear a salwar suit?” I’d get a death glare and then a pitiful head pat.

Its almost decided (by Destiny, they claim) that I’m pretty much going to end up as crazy cat lady with 27 cats.

Moving on to a broader view, there is a small population of girls like me who don’t get the concept of spa and facials, we love our hoodies and jeans, we may or may not be gamers, we may or may not beat the guys at contact sports. We have our hearts broken and we certainly don’t understand why pink is such a “cute” colour. We’re always expected eventually become the woman we’re meant to be. How and who we are is a choice we make and want to be respected for. Why is it that every “real woman” is either voluptuous and always feminine, why are the skinnier or slightly boyish lot somehow excommunicated?

This year I’m not speaking to a gender stereotype, I’m not going to hand out any tips for what guys should do to woo the girl, and what girls should or shouldn’t expect. It’s a free world, do whatever man, just keep it peaceful. As for the official celebration of womanhood, I wish all of the double x chromosome league members a day of enjoyment and healthy narcissism, EVERYDAY!

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