Women’s Day Tips For Guys

Whats on 8? Have no idea, ask you sister, you mother or even you girlfriend this might be the most important day of their lives, a bit dramatic? Well yes all the girls are after all its women’s day! A day to celebrate being a girl… Guess for whom I am writing today? For all the guys out there who have some special ladies in their lives. Each guy wants the women in his life to feel special but is unable to do so, simply because he does not know what she wants!! Mood swings is a big deal that the guys handle. So today I will be sharing some girly secrets with all the guys out there.

Its women’s day your lady would be expecting something from you for sure, so to start with, make her feel that something is cooking in your mind. Make her feel that you might do something for her to make her feel like a princess after all she is the one for you.


Now when you have told her that you are planning some thing for her you have to actually plan it out. Think of what she needs. Is her makeup out of stock? Does she needs a new pair of shoes? How about a new party dress? Surprise her! When she wakes up on 8th morning put a tiara on her head, crown her and present her the gift.


Wait a second are you thinking if you do this you are done for the day? If you are, then you are wrong. You are pleasing the most important lady in your life how can it be so simple? Plan out something for the day a trip to spa or her favourite shopping place can be pleasing. Take her to the saloon and gift her a look change.


Prepare her for the special dinner that you will be taking her to. Yeah, why not? Isn’t a special candle night dinner a perfect ending of the day?

Well after doing all this and taking all the tantrums you will feel tired to the core so take a day off and relax, make the day after women’s day, your rest day!

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