World Travel is not overrated, day 3, post 2

Hey y’all! What’s new with you?

So I’m guessing, by now, you must be familiar with what I’m gonna write about half a paragraph from now. If not, well, just scroll over 3 posts down from this one and start from there. 😛 While you’re at it, read Mehak’s take on the topic as well, she’s made some real good points in her post. I’m gonna pick up where she left off from, and present to you 3 more reasons to go globetrotting!

Sure you’re thick as thieves with your current lot, but a few new additions won’t hurt at all! Besides, have you forgotten the magic and charm of Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara to really disagree with me on this? People fell in love and got married, you could do that too, or well, just make friends, some really good friends. Can you even imagine the kind of shenanigans you could get into with or without them? some of them are good, some terrible. And you know which is which. So make your choice.

BECAUSE, YOU’LL LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE!In my previous post I mentioned how you could get lost, well to avoid that situation you could learn a new language! Trust me, it’s not the same as it sounds on Google Translate. Every language has a dialect, something that you’ll know of and learn, only when you travel there. So grab a bunch of your new friends, or your current lot, travel the world, learn languages, and use them as your own secret codes! 😛 Try speaking any of our Indian languages in a place like Paris or New York, and LOL (Laugh Out Loud, for those who don’t get it) at the kind of reactions you’ll get from people! But, beware of those fellow Indian’s who may know, by language, what your private joke is all about! 😛

Are you one of those insanely flexible people who can perform cartwheels while beating up bad guys? Chances are, you aren’t inherently until… (dun dun dun!) that’s your cue to start your I never thought I’d be able to do that, story. Now that we’re already at it, I kind of discovered this about myself on a trip in Lucknow, I have talent for saying the weirdest things which are somehow uproariously funny, I discovered it when we were having a story telling session at my cousin’s house. I’ll spare you the details (because they’re an entire post long) but you should, travel, get into funny situations, make memories, and then some more when you start to share those memories with others.

While you decide to travel or not, I’m gonna push off now,
(I have a few trips of my own, which I have to plan)

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