World travel is not overrated, day 5, post 2

Summers are back in city so am I with the next reasons in our series of ‘world travel is not overrated’. So far my co-writer Sonali and I have covered sixteen reasons and I know you people cant wait for the next ones. Coming directly to the point, without chitchat am just sharing the reasons with you.

Reason #17
Be you a teen or a middle aged person freedom is something that you can not compromise with. So if you are tired of your girlfriend’s gossip, or your parent’s security travel is the best run-away. Go out, make it a girls trip or a boys trip, flirt around and feel free. Travel can be the only, and best way where you can stay away from all the responsibilities, for a short period though but you can live the way you want to. Taking my example, I run of to some exotic place in every six months, after all who doesn’t need a break?

Reason #18
Travel to spice it up
Are you bored of you routine life? Bored of what you are doing? Need a break or fresh start? Best way to do this is travelling! Go to a place that is close to your heart, a place that gives you internal peace. Make plans, talk to yourself and spice up your life.
Travelling is not just going to a location, it is so much more. Sometimes it helps you find your true love and sometimes yourself. Pack you stuff, travel and discover who you are!

Now is the time for me to push off, so Toodles!  and remember,

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Go take that step!!

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