World Travel is not overrated.

Hey y’all, how you doin’? (so okay, delayed F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference, but hey, blame it on the marathon I watched yesterday.. after I became a source of entertainment for an old Parsi couple.. yeah, scroll down to my previous post to read about it, but if you already have, then you know what I’m talking about)

Today, or actually this week, Mehak and I are going to present our case in favor of world travel, and no, RnH isn’t making us write this a sleazy marketing gimmick. The idea actually came upon me while I was talking to a friend and she said “world travel is overrated, I mean hello, Google Images. Why travel so much dude?” I kid you not. Those exact words. No points for guessing who I WON’T be talking to again. 😛
Well keeping aside the obvious travel related food, sight seeing, eureka moments, and simple joys, there are things that must be shared, not to say that the obvious is any less important, it’s just that it’s not what I’m getting at today.

There are a lot of people, who have dreams to travel through the world, even if it’s the only thing that they’ll ever do, the villains in their story are finance, relationships, responsibilities, securing a future for their loved ones.. (sounds familiar doesn’t it?) Now I’m not saying spend a bomb because your bank allows it, only that, you have the chance, take it. It’s your choice, and you should choose to travel. You don’t necessarily need a rich future only in terms of money for your children, keep money, but also a travel diary, which will inspire them more than you can imagine. Every trip isn’t all expensive, there are alternate accommodations available *cough, cough* and there’s always individual group travel, i.e. book together and then branch out and do your own thing or chill with the group, whatever suits you.

You think you already know what you want from life? Well good on you, doesn’t hurt to be sure now does it. Sure you’ll say you don’t need to travel to figure that out, and I’ll assume you’ve never taken a moment to really figure out what you want from your life, simply because you never explored all the options. When we travel, our lives intersect with a lot of other people’s lives and there are fleeting moments of inspiration in every interaction. Seriously. You could be inspired by someone’s gait, or grace, or the laugh lines on their face. In such moments you know whether or not you want more of the same life that you’ve grown accustomed to living, or you want to do something different for a change. Whatever the outcome is, you’ll know. 🙂 I strongly believe that, no two people have read the same book, that’s also true of travel. You always come back with a little piece of you left in that place, and a little piece of that place, left in you.

You know why puzzles look so good? because every different piece, comes together to form something entirely magical and new. So go on, lose pieces, find pieces, complete your puzzle, because that’s something only you can do.

While you take that in, I’m gonna push off now, OkayBye!

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