You can sing me anything (but please don’t)

Hello People of the world, yesterday I told you how I was that annoying girl with loud music, and in my last installment of this “annoying things that fellow travelers indulge in” I’ll talk about the beautiful voices which serenade a grenade into bursting without provocation.

For the love of God!
For the love of God!

Honestly, this has happened so many times its just sad. All these delusional people who think they’re kind of a big deal, on the music scene as far as vocals are concerned. Well Newsflash, the world is a peaceful place for you keeping your boombox on mute. (I’m not trying to sound conceited here, I don’t know how musical I sound to the public ear, so I don’t sing, if there’s even just one more person in the room with me.)

So well, it was one of those typical picnic bus rides, where everyone’s jolly and having the time of their lives. It would’ve been so much better without the off key songs, simply ruined, by virtue of being sung by them. Who them? well, family friends of course! It just becomes worse if they’re from the same age group because then I’m left wondering, am I old? or are they dumb? Two questions that don’t have the most calming answers. I love music, as I’ve reiterated in my previous posts, I may not be talented enough to produce my own yet, but I have a sound sense music, and what they were doing, was not it. What it was, was a cacophony of randomly stressed vocal chords producing the most painfully irritating noise you’ll ever hear. Reading with my headphones in wasn’t cutting it. The worst thing was, that there was very little I could do to make it stop. Besides it was a challenge to my own tolerance limits, and I’m a very tolerant person. Safe to say they’ve created a benchmark as to how irritating someone’s voice can be. If you thought Janice, from F.R.I.E.N.D.S sounds weird, imagine 3 of her, singing, all of them at the same time.

Guys, seriously, peace out, stop singing where people can hear you.

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