30 ways to tell you are a traveler at heart, day 1, post 2

After a lazy sunday I’m back with my post. Though it wasn’t that lazy for me as I pushed myself to the movie hall to watch the much awaited 2 states! A masterpiece by Chetan Bhagat (the book). Though the movie was just the replica of the book but it’s a must watch for all the love birds.
Moving on, after the free movie review let’s come to the point. This week we will be talking about the traveler in you, the traveler in me. Trying to guess this week’s theme? Leave it to me, this week we will be sharing with you 30 ways that tell that you are a traveler at heart. We all are here because we love to travel, to explore so hop on and enjoy this ride.

#4 You are always out of money!

Don’t get me wrong people, I’m not trying to get in your financial accounts, but if you are a traveler at heart then you will be always out of money because as soon as you get some green notes in your bank you are off to your next trip.
P.S we travelers are not allergic to green notes but it’s our addiction to travel that forces us to spend so much.

#5 If you are a traveler at heart, you would love to be at the airport!

Confession time! I l just love airport, security check, boarding, baggage everything seems so amazing to me. No I am not a psycho, it’s the traveler in me and I know airport is one such place where you love to be as it gives us a feeling that we will be traveling and exploring soon.


#6 You always communicate through Whats app!images

Is whats app your favorite app as you have friends all over the world? Well if yes then you are a traveler for sure.
P.S we love to communicate with friends all over the world but within our budget :p


images (1)#7 Vintage suitcase are the trend for you!

Despite of knowing how impractical vintage suitcases are, you love taking them around the world with you.

Travelers are not only nomads but dramatic also, they want the world to know “who is arriving” and the vintage bags help them pretty much in this task.




Now is the time for me to push off, so till my next post toodles and keep traveling!

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