30 ways to tell you are a traveler at heart, day 3, post 3

Heya people! I’m back with my third post of this week and surprisingly it is the third post of the day also (so many threes!) Moving on, today there will be no chit chat session, I’m directly hopping on to the point. Read the next ways and find out whether you are a traveler at heart or not!

#17 You have a master’s degree in carrying a backpack!

>> Your backpack is your best friend. It accompanies you wherever you go.

>> You always know how to carry your backpack and you do it perfectly every time

>> You roll on the floor laughing when you see someone carrying their backpack in incorrect manner (in your mind though, but you do it)

#18 #TRAVELER #EXPLORER #JETSETTER such hash-tags have monopoly on your social networking sites!

A true traveler at heart is always a big show of and because of this he will always post something about his travel on his social networking portal. If your FB or twitter is filled with such hash tags then you can count yourself in list od travelers at heart.

#19 A traveler at heart is always the first downloader of any travel app!

No matter how useless or pathetic that app is if you are a true traveler the you will have all the travel app in your device that you think might be of any use somewhere.

Here, my post comes to an end, time to say good bye. So toddles till my next post and keep travelling!

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