30 ways to tell you are a traveller at heart, day 2, post 2

Bonjour people! comment allez-vous aujourd’hui! Enough of my French classes show off, so how are you today? Well if you ask me then I cannot stop laughing, after what Sonali has done to this week’s theme “All traveler syndrome, symptom”, that is a really good one. Continuing the trail I will be tell you the next ways to find out whether you are a traveler at heart or not.

#9 Collecting maps is your obsession!

If you are a true travel lover then you will surely love maps and your love for maps could be seen all over your room. If not on all walls then you will at least have one map in your room for sure.


#10 Markings! Markings! On the map is what you do!

Your obsession for travel is so much that you flaunt it everywhere. A traveler at heart always keeps a mark on the place he has visited and on the he will be visiting. No matter what people think, a true traveler loves flaunting his travel experiences and loves dreaming about his next destinations.

#11 Always ready to get, set, travel!

A true traveler (the one who is also a shopaholic) purchases her travel outfit days before she has to leave.

>> The outfit is always an expensive one.

>> It is always complementing you location and the weather.

>> The most important point the outfit will always be high on fashion

>> It’s not only the outfit that you buy, it is always accompanied by matching accessories.

Time to say good bye people or as we say it in French, au revoir. When you are traveling always keep in mind what Cesare Pavese said, “If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light. Take off all your envies, jealousies, un-forgiveness, selfishness and fears”.

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