30 ways to tell you’re a traveler a heart, Day 6, Post 2

Hello, People of the world! What’s up?

The weekend has started, and it’s time to go take that much needed walk around the place, I’m a “walkaholic” as Benjamin put it, in his post earlier today, (scroll over to it after reading this one!) and I won’t lie about it. I absolutely love being outdoors without a care in the world for the responsibilities I shoulder, but I don’t get to enjoy the feeling as often as I’d like.. so well that’s how you learn or rather –

# 25 You know how to make the most of every trip

> Whether it’s a long 3 week stay or a 30 minute stopover, you know how to soak in the the place, and let it become a part of you regardless of the amount of time you spent there.

>… besides you can always come back for a longer period of time 😉

> You don’t spend precious vacation moments fretting about things that are going wrong, or haven’t been done, you enjoy the chaos instead, knowing that every moment spent fretting and fussing is every moment of beauty, wasted.

> You love the hustle of a market and the laid back vibe of a river side equally.

> You’re adept at making the most of natural resources whenever you need anything that you may have forgotten.

> You don’t stop at any place for longer than you should, once you’ve soaked in the vibe of a place, you will automatically want more of it, and therefore will travel extensively to get to the center of it.

> You may occasionally slow down, to stop and be mesmerized by the beauty of the place, but you will always want to see more, so you’ll never really find yourself settling down in one place and calling it home.

>…’Cause for you, home is where the heart is, and you’ve left a little piece of your heart, in every place you’ve traveled to, or intend to travel to.

# 26 You’re undeterred by the harsh realities of the lands less traveled to

> So you’ve probably had a not so good experience with a pick pocket, or a near brawl with a drunk or whoever, but that doesn’t become a mood dampener for you.

>.. If anything it teaches you to be more careful next time, and better prepared for any kind of an outcome.

> You don’t let one bad trip, ruin it all for you.

> Even though the world is a safe place by your past travel experiences, you’re prepared to handle consequences.

> You always focus on travel as a learning experience, and believe that some lessons are meant to be learned the hard way.

> The mere mentions of places yet to see and memories yet to make, fill you with a sense of thrill and purpose.

> You take pride in being a little rebel and love shocking people with your travel destination choices.

>..There’s a difference between being foolhardy and rebellious, and you know it.



So go on, break free.
Travel the world you are yet to see.
I’m gonna go now,

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