30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart, day 2

Hello People of the world! what’s up?

I’m back with another Tell All traveler syndrome, symptom.. yeah that’s what I’m calling it, and it’s kind of a wonderful affliction to have.. no but seriously, you might think my posts to be shorter than before, and that’s a little odd, for a verbose person like me, but that’s just ’cause I need to space out 10 ways over 7 days πŸ˜› What about the other 20? Well that’s what Mehak and Benjamin are for πŸ˜› So here’s day 2, of 7, and tell tale sign #8 –

illustration-suitcase-packed-ictcrop_300#8 You’re a bag packing genius
> You have absolutely no trouble packing for a trip. You’re so accustomed to living out of a suitcase, you can have fully packed for a month’s travel down to the last detail in less than half an hour!

> You’re super organized and don’t need any kind of list to check and cross check what you’ve carried.

> You never run out of, or fall short of anything on your trip.

> You never get held up at the bag check because your travel bag or outfit rarely makes anything beep πŸ˜›

> You always have room for something extra in your bag, but never really put anything extra in, because you can almost hear a bag die, of being overstuffed.

> You often wonder why there are no back-packing contests.. because you’d literally bag every prize! πŸ˜›

> Even though the rest of your life may not be as organized as your bag, you find solace in a perfectly packed travel bag, that beckons you to carry it around.

> You feel compelled to help other people out with their packing, but decide against it because they’d never listen… and that is precisely why you prefer to go Han Solo on most of your trips.

On a side note, you also probably already know more or less every person who works at the airport, train or bus station, unless you’re more of a walk on foot or bicycle traveler sort of a person, in which case you’ll have friends all over the place, and even at all the stops where you can get your cycle tyres changed or pumped.

Watch this space for tomorrow’s post on – you’ll agree thatΒ  knowing how to say “where’s the bathroom” in almost every language is more important than “hello”,”yes” or “no” πŸ˜›
Until then OkayBye!

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