30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart, Day 3, Post 1

I’m sure you guys are aware of the theme for this week.  But in case you aren’t, its 30 ways of telling as to how you could be a true travel junkie at heart – how you could be someone who just wants to pack their bags and leave – someone who needs to be outta the house to set their life in motion…


#12  You just can’t get enough of any place:

You never wanna head back home.  You’ve been in another country for 20 days plus and you still feel like you’ve just started.  You are never home sick and are dreading the last day of your trip. Even after you come back and you’ve seen and experienced a lot, you still feel like there was so much you could’ve done and are eager to get back someday.

#13  You’d rather not stay connected:

You have a smart phone on you with all those fancy ‘Social media/stay connected with everyone’ apps but never find the time or feel the urge to reach out to it.  You are busy traveling and that’s all you wanna do.   You know checking in at some place through your phone or keeping everyone updated is just a stupid trendy thing and you don’t really wanna bother yourself with it, especially when there is so much more you can do.  You are happy with that droid not beeping on you every now and then.

#14  You wish the passport had more pages:

You can be sure you are hooked onto to traveling (and are super rich 😛 ) when you’ve exhausted your passport.  You’ve travelled the world round and you have the several visa stamps to prove it.   Unfortunately you’ve stumbled in your path cause your passport ran out of pages and you wish you had a fatter one….

#15  You know you are addicted when your piggy bank can’t really help you out with any money in an emergency cause its filled up with coins from all over the world.

See you soon, until then travel more…..and more 🙂

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