30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart, Day 3, Post 2

Hello, People of the world! What’s up?

Have you traveled lately? Are you reading this on a laptop, phone, tablet, “phablet”, as you travel? Is this open as a side tab as you look up the most lucrative deal to travel to your next destination? Are this questions making you want to travel now that I mention it? Have any of the previously mentioned ways to tell if you’re a traveler at heart applied to you? Are you going to travel some more after you read our posts?

Are these questions annoying you? 😉 😛 Now for the inept segue to the topic of my post.62be7a3d63d86a7123d2355194dc5dc0

#16  You agree that knowing how to ask “where is the washroom?” in the local language is way more important than single words like “Hello” and “Yes” and “No” or even “I Love You”
> ..Because let’s face it, chances are you’ll always need a washroom more than random greetings, choice preferences, polite courtesies or declarations of love.

> Here’s something to get you started – French – où est la salle de bain? – Spanish – dónde está el baño? … Okay I know these aren’t enough, but, Google Translate (duh.)

>.. or you’ve mastered the art of explaining “bathroom” relying on universal hand gestures associated with going to the washroom.

> You’re never worried about a washroom emergency, and you always have it under control.

> You have at least one uproariously funny story that starts with a mispronounced word in the local language, while asking the question, which took you to a completely different place than a washroom, and how you had to just really really really use the loo, or how you ended up being led to a bathroom, when you really just wanted something to eat.

> You sometimes ask people the same question in a different language, just to see if they smile awkwardly or really point you in the right direction.

> You’ve also sometimes (cough-every-single-time-cough) pulled a fast one on linguistically challenged friends, with that.
hypothetically speaking 😉
“hey, so there’s this really cute girl/guy there, do you know how to say, Hey, What’s up? in French?”
“sure, its où est la salle de bain”
“thanks man, you’re the best”
– friend proceeds to go talk to the object of affection, and gets shown the door, to the bathroom. And you try hard to not laugh out loud, and fail. –

With that, I’m gonna go.

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