30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart, Day 4

Hello, people of the word! What’s up?

Ever met a person whose only purpose in life is to repeat that one lousy story about their weird massage experience in Pattaya, Thailand? And all you ever want to do is strangle them every time they speak of it? You bet your passport you have. Yes, passport. Beacause what is more important to a traveler than their passport?

Which brings me to –

#20 You know a tourist when you see one, and are immediately put off by their wanna-be attitude

> We’ve all seen them, and their stupidly taken photos which end up on instagram as #picoftheday #photoofthedy #imsuchaworldtraveler and what not.

> Their selfies are the stuff of our nightmares, so okay maybe I exaggerated a bit, but you have to admit, they are pretty bad. Any picture that does injustice to the scenic beauty of a place is pretty bad.

> You’d rather not take a picture of a place because it may never be good enough as the actual view, so you commit it to memory instead.

> You absolutely detest loud, noisy people who think they’re having such a gala time enjoying the view from their minivans and travel buses, because they totally mess up the vibe of the place and refuse to let anyone really have a good time.

> You inwardly pity them, with all their big bags, and fancy gadgets and stylish clothes, trying to be oh-so-cool, never realizing that, when traveling, comfortably nonchalant is cool.

> You’re often tempted to make their lives a better by showing them how to have a real good time, but decide against it, for the fear that they will then follow you around like a snail trail.

> You know that, they may have all the pictures, but you have all the memories.

> You also know that the best journeys are never about the distance you cover, it’s about the number of things you really open your eyes to.


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