30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart, Day 5

Hello, People of the world! What’s up?

I finally made a little progress on the book I’ve been trying to read for the longest time Decipher – Stel Pavlou, remember how I told you I kept getting distracted by the locations mentioned in the book in my first post of the week? Yeah, that hasn’t changed much a all. 😛 But it’s really well written and deserves more credit in terms of storytelling than I’ve mentioned before, so basically it’s a really cool book which I recommend everyone to read at least once. It talks about a great many things, cultural references being one of them and boy are they trippy. Every time I read something in the book that resonates with my faith, and its parallels in another belief system, I met myself and a version of who I could be, all over again. 🙂

Now that I’ve written out a rather long and seemingly pointless introductory paragraph, I’ll get right to it with –

#21 You’re a sucker for all the little stories behind the various cultural traditions and urban legends of the world.

> You’re like a miniature encyclopedia on world tradition, and have a journal dedicated solely, for pictures and facts on the said tradition.

> You’ve read up on so many stories, your local librarian thinks you’re probably in some kind of a cult, or an author in the research phase of their book (which will never get published, because you’re always making changes and adding more substance to it.)

> You’re always celebrating something or the other, whether or not it’s a big part of the faith you follow.

> Travel is the only form or religion you solely adhere to and practice.

> You’re constantly learning more and more about the world, and somehow feel connected to places you’ve probably never traveled to.

> …That’s also one of the reasons, your bucket list is like the universe, infinitely extending in all directions. 😛

> The more you travel, the more you add to your journal.. you’ve even considered making volumes out of it, and probably dedicating an entire book to each major tradition.wpid-0111

> Locals, gypsies, mystics (though there’s very few of them in this day and age) and the spirituals are your most favorite people and the most entertaining and enriching source of knowledge.

> You find little parts of yourself agreeing with some or the other aspect of every tradition, and feel that you can understand the world and its people better, now.

Now that I’ve said so much,
I’m gonna go,

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