30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart, Day 7.

Hello, People of the world! What’s up?

This is my last post of the week, and I hope the traveler inside you is quite content with all the content we’ve been bombarding it with! 😛 No seriously, it’s been a great week, and I have every intention to take a day or two off, and take a quick trip to a nearby hill station, but let’s see how that pans out, for now I bring to you –

# 27 You can fall asleep anywhere and your backpack is your favorite pillow/cuddle bag.

>.. that way nothing gets stolen and you don’t have to worry too much about it.

> You have a smart way of somehow putting an arm or leg through one of the straps and securing it well enough to wake you in case some one tries to run off with it.

> You don’t think twice before taking a nap on a park bench, coffee shop table, or an airport terminal.

> Your regular bed at home, now feels too soft, and you’re afraid you might just slowly sink to the floor.

> ..because there’s nothing like sleeping on the cool marble floor, during the summer heat.

> You’ve even napped under a tree in a park, and dusted off the mud patch stains literally, and quite proudly so.

>.. that doesn’t make you a sloth-y little jerk, just that you’ve broadened your definition of comfort, and no longer adhere to a strict definition of the criterion of “comfort” for a good nap!

> Which is why you don’t mind camping at the airport, or train station in the event of a delay or a stop over.

> This new found ability, leaves you less grumpy and more cheerful on your travels and inwardly laugh at the “amateurs” who carry their favorite pillows and blankets with them 😛

> You feel more connected, and at home in a place where you can nap anywhere easily.

> You’ve sometimes even had animals give you rude and rather uncomfortable wake up calls, but that all just becomes a funny story when you’re finally wide awake, and have a fresh pair of clothes on.

and THIS is the story of your life –


Keep traveling, keep smiling!
Until tomorrow,

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