30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart, Last day, Last post.

In this last post of the last day in the series, and here are the last three reasons to see if you are the vagabond we think you are. And it’s cool even if you’re not, ’cause it’s never too late to become one. 🙂

# 28 You know Ian Wright, right?

The dude from Lonely Planet, no? well, now you do! Ian_Wright

Lonely Planet, now known as Globe Trekker was, is and will always be your favourite show. In fact, you’ve even seen the out-takes as many times as you’ve watched the show, because you get to see more of the destination.

You don’t have a single favourite episode of that show in the same way as –

# 29 You don’t have a favorite travel destination

You’ve traveled from coast to coast, and probably seen the other side of the horizon as well, and that’s exactly what makes it difficult to choose.

You have so many memories in each place you’ve seen, and have so many more to look forward to, when you travel again, that you just find the notion of having one favourite travel destination, ridiculous.

Most of your favourite places to be, are not the conventional eateries and monuments built eons ago, but the small rock formations along the off beaten path, or the graffiti-ed wall in the quiet by lanes of a busy street.

#30 Travel is not your escape, or something you have to, or want to do, it’s something you were born to do.

You can feel it in your bones, the rush, warmth, the feeling of being at home, when you travel.

It doesn’t matter where exactly you go, and where you stop, just as long as you are traveling, and not stuck in a boring job, lusting about where to go next.

You feel that the span of one life time is not enough to see every corner of the world, and yet you feed this impossible dream, by taking a different route to wherever you go, everyday. You have no fear of being lost. In fact you look at it as a blessing from Hermes -Greek God of Travel (among other things.)


So don’t just sit there, all pleased with yourself for being a traveler at heart, get out and actually travel.
See you soon.

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