30 ways to tell you’re a traveler at heart

Hello, People of the world! What’s up?

The entirety of last week was dedicated to tried and tested tips to help you in becoming a footloose traveler… Sure some of you have already mastered the art, but it doesn’t hurt to find out like minded travelers, now does it? 🙂

Here’s a completely unrelated question : Do you know what a spirit animal is?
I think mine’s a tortoise, on some days. I’m Not even kidding. I’m just stationery or utterly too slow for my own good some days. Luckily today, is not one of them! Speaking of which I’ve been trying to finish this book called Decipher – Stel Pavlou for the longest time, but I keep getting sidetracked from the plot by all the cool places that the book talks about.. My mind just drifts to post card variety images of what those places might looks like.. -sigh- who knew a clash of interests would occur so strangely at times.

Which brings me to the awkward segue to the theme of the week – 30 ways to tell that you’re a traveler at heart, the team is going to follow up with many more, as will I, and here are the first 3 to get you started

# 1 Travel is all that you can, and want to ever think about –

> You absolutely cannot read a book without being distracted by visuals of places mentioned in it (regardless the fact that you may not have actually been there.)
> You find yourself making “research” based excuses, to look up or make your travel bucket list.. ( I do it all the time, under the pretext of gaining insight into the local culture, because I’m basing my next blog post on it.. yeah, I’ve never actually written a post to that effect.. :P)
> You’re distracted by the locations at which films are shot, and spend more time identifying the location rather than enjoying the movie itself!
>Every song has a specific travel related meaning or memory attached to it, in your mind.
> You can’t wait to have your very own Eat Pray Love story.
> Every Trip of yours has been a life changing experience, every single one.
> In fact, even now, you’re researching over the next destination for your trip, or are already en route to it!

# 2 Quotes like these are the story of your life –
… and you probably have a (bunch of) handmade collage(s) of hand picked quotes on one/ or all, of the walls of your room, or some place of significant importance to you.


# 3 You no longer have a “favorite” type of food – > You’ve traveled extensively, or have recently started to travel, and you’ve grown to love food all over place, and you’ve also made plans to eat your way around the globe!
> You also now about 3 different ways to eat the same core ingredients, but the outcomes are distinguished from each other, and you love all of them the same.
> EAT, from Eat, Pray, Love is now more your thing than it ever was.

Watch this space for more ways to tell that you’re a traveler at heart!
More Later!


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