A sense of Direction

Hello to the people of the world, what’s up? So far Mehak and I have been sharing some of our fondest travel memories with you. Today’s post isn’t exactly something I remember with fondness, but with copious amounts of gratitude.

Here’s a bit of a statutory warning about me : I get lost very easily, and more often than I’d like to admit. 😛

So here’s what happened, I was en route to meeting a friend at a new coffee shop which we both wanted to try out, which was located slightly towards the interior, and is easily missed if you’re not paying attention. I wasn’t. So I walked way ahead, took more than a few wrong turns and ended up lost. So I decided to ask a nearby food cart owner the directions to where I wanted to go. He gave me directions, and I returned the way I came. Only that it wasn’t the way, and there were now 3 random guys following me. Yes, I’d been set up. I already had my headphones plugged in so I only turned off the music, and kept my pace even. The last thing I wanted was to panic and blow the whole thing. They were getting closer, but not enough, because the area wasn’t secluded enough to launch attack. I saw a nearby hole in the wall of an eatery and went for it. Calmly got a table, ordered a cup of tea and waited. I called my friend, but she wouldn’t answer. I finished my tea and explained my predicament to the owner of the eatery, while settling the bill.

The girl standing behind me overheard the conversation and offered to help. “My boyfriend’s coming, let us drop you.” “Thanks but, don’t risk it, I’ll get out of here somehow.” “Are you sure?” “Yes” “Wait.” She pulled out a paper and scribbled something on it, gave it to me. “Just in case” she said, and paid her bill, while I tried once more to call my friend, this time she answered. She’d already reached. I told her everything, asked her to stay inside, call me in 2 minutes, and call my mum if I didn’t answer. With that I left, and purposely kept my phone volume up, so they’d still think that I didn’t know. She called, I answered, and talked. They were slightly alarmed at this development, but not deterred enough to give up. Walking ahead, the lane was coming to an end, but there was a surprise left, by the lamp post, which I took and looked at the paper, “turn left from lamp post” “walk through the lane, turn left again, walk along same footpath, 30 steps – police station to your left, get in.” I did exactly that, and lost the tail.

I then called my friend to let her know I was okay, and then my mum. I reached the coffee shop an hour and a half later than the scheduled time. But I guess, given the circumstances, it’s okay 😛

To this day I keep thinking, that girl didn’t have to do that.. But then again, what if she hadn’t?

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