Ask before you eat!

Hello fellow travelers! Where have you traveled lately?

Did you read about Mehak’s decision to never wear white while traveling?
One of the best travel choices made so far, and I’d know, because well, I’ve had a similar experience in recent times. -sigh- badass-ery on one side, the environment sure did leave a bad ass mark on my shorts.. :p
Just make it a point to see where you rest your derriere while being mesmerized by the scenic landscape, you don’t want permanently painted stripes, dusty railing lines, or mud patches, across the hind section of your clothing.. Been there, got those, is not a proud feeling in this case, so erm, just watch out.

But but butt 😛 that’s not what I’m talking about today, okay I just did, but(t) let’s move on 😛 So I was traveling locally to meet a friend in the ‘burbs, and chill. We decided to step down for what I thought was going to be coffee.

She took me to the same coffee shop she’d been to, on a date recently, since I’d already heard all about it, I thought, it wouldn’t hurt to go and actually check the place out.

Well, I thought wrong.

So we ambled in, got ourselves a nice place to sit, started talking and the menu was presented to us. If there is ever a moment, where you wish you had a pet dinosaur that would happily feast on the crumbs of the humans that pester you, this was definitely going to be it. The guy was who tended to us was sweeter than sugar to us for no reason, and insistent upon serving our table only, by very obviously turning a deaf ear to the gentleman sitting across our table waiting for his coffee. Looking at the menu, I proceeded to make, easily one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I ordered the damn Macchiato. Ugh. The cream was sour, the coffee was bad, everything was just terrible. If only I’d paused for another minute and actually asked my friend or better yet, the guys at the counter before placing my order…Well why didn’t I return the coffee? I tried and they wouldn’t take it back. Apparently, bad was how it was supposed to taste. Although I’m pretty sure, they were just lying, and refused to admit it. So I drank something that tasted like bitter gourd juice meets lemon cream, with just a hint of coffee somewhere. (gross!)


But the take away really from this incident, is to be a little cautious when being ambitious with the menu, or just ask the people who are taking your order, what they would recommend, I know it seems like a dumb piece of advice to give, but really, it’s even dumber when it happens – which is the case, most of the times.

Now that you may have probably sufficiently chuckled at my expense, I’m gonna go.

Until my next post,Travel Smart, Eat Smarter 😉


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