Beach Life!


Mumbai!  We do have a beach but not much of a beach life.  In fact we have quite a few beaches but for some reason one only thinks of Chowpatty or Juhu beach when it comes to thinking of beaches in our city.

There isn’t much you can do on our beaches.  Probably stroll around, make a sand castle, indulge in some evening snacks, litter the sand and the sea or enjoy the view of our young lovers in the city exchanging body fluids.

And even if you could brave taking a dip in our ‘oh, so clean waters’ you’d probably be doing so with fully clothed, sweaty uncles and aunties.  And don’t think you’d be any different. In fact in view of the recent ‘manly’ behavior in the country I don’t think women would stand a chance if we they walked around on our beaches clad in bikinis.

I don’t blame the people for not having much of a beach culture.  Our narrow-minded society has always shunned away from being open and free.  We as a society could never ‘Live and Let Live’.

So if one really had to enjoy beach life one would probably have to leave the city or take a dip in ones bathtub.

I gratefully had the opportunity to experience some real ‘Sea and Sand Culture’ in TelAviv and might I say it was one of my best experiences.

 Tel-Aviv – for those of you who haven’t heard about it – is one of the biggest cities in Israel and is known for its lively nightlife, dynamic atmosphere and its beaches.

What made it so great? Well first of all CLEAN BEACH!  No litter.   Beautiful golden sand.  Beautiful sun.  Beautiful promenade. Perfect beach vibe.  People swimming, playing, women working on that tan, surfers trying to catch that perfect surf. No creepy people staring at the women.  Everyone minding their own business and at the same time being really warm and smiley.  It was exactly how you’d seen it in Baywatch. 😛

And what more could you ask for than Mediterranean waters?  Mesmerizing Blue Sea and nice strong waves crashing against the shore. Once I set foot in those waters I never wanted out.  And the ironic bit is I can’t even swim. Float I can, but not swim. I was just bouncing with the waves and so was everyone around me. Felt like I was part a group. And at one point I got in really deep and found myself getting crushed under the strong waves.  The sea would throw me out and I’d get right back in.  I even managed to get a cramp in my leg but after resting for 10 minutes I was in again. I just couldn’t get enough.

I was a little sad to leave the beach that day.  I was exhausted. But I knew I’d never experience something like this back home. 

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