Being Footloose- day 1- post 2

Heya world! We at Room n House bring to you a week full of excitement, yes this week we will be telling you tips for being a footloose traveler. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

#6 Traveling to a new destination? Unaware of its rules and regulations? Better read up on them, it is important to know the rules and regulations of the place you are visiting. This will not only help you avoid any misunderstandings but will also help you to explore the destination in a better way.

#7 Do you often think that you are a guy and you cannot carry a gloss to protect your lips, this is a girl’s job? Well you are highly misunderstood. During your travel you should always keep a lip gloss, or a clear chap-stick with you to keep you lips hydrated and protected.

#8 Talking about self-care, it’s better that you start caring for your belly especially while you are traveling. Make it a point that you pack a plenty of water and nutritional snacks with you. Avoid eating junk food till the point you can. Don’t let junk food spoil your tummy and travel.

#9 Confused with what to pack and what to leave? Choose something that is both stylish and comfortable, so that you feel free and look chic, at the same time. Choose something like a maxi that is as comfortable as a sweatshirt and as stylish as a skirt.

#10 While tackling with colours don’t get confused and opt for whites. They not only get perfectly paired with every cloth but are most suitable for winters.

It’s the time for me to push off!
So till my next post toodles and travel safe!

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