Being Footloose, day 2

Hello people of the world,what’s up?

Yesterday Mehak and I shared some really great tips on how to be a footloose traveler, and today I’m back with some more. If you haven’t already read them, then you must read them after this blog post 😛
I’ll try to keep it as short as possible, I promise O:)

So let’s get on with it,

#11 If you’re one of the people who can’t seem to get any sleep unless it’s on your own pillow, well then pack it along! But you must remember, there is a right and a wrong way to do that. You don’t want to be carrying your beige shoulder pillow tied to your purse which dangles behind you. It just looks wrong. So please, be careful with these things.

#12 Try to adjust your body clock to where you’ll be traveling, at least a week prior, if not a week then 2 days. That’s the safest way to avoid jet lag altogether when you arrive in a different time zone, because now your body is already in sync with it. Ditto for when you get back, from that lovely vacation, two days before you leave for home, start the body clock reset.

# 13 So it’s a spot plan and a long haul flight, you haven’t had a chance to breathe let alone a body clock sync, well in that case drink up. Water. It’ll keep you saner than alcohol will, and you won’t pass out. About the frequent washroom trips, well that brings me to –
#14 Yes, every once in an hour, make it a point to get up and walk around if the flight is any longer than 3 hours, we as humans are not made to sit in one position for such long durations. We need the exercise, even if it’s a short walk to the washroom.

#15 I cannot stress this enough, ROLL your clothes while packing, don’t fold them. Rolling them makes them magically occupy less space. Seriously, try it. If you ever want to use every inch of bag space, roll your clothes, and put them in plastic pouches – with the air completely pushed out of them. To think of it, your clothes fit in well enough, given that none of the pouches are puffy from the air trapped in them, and you’ll be like a super organized traveler, but they may smell of plastic, so air them before you wear them.

Just for kicks, you can even label your pouches to up the borderline OCD tendencies.. 😛 ( I know I have ’em.)

# 16 This one’s for the ladies, if your padded buddies are an absolute must, well, depending on how many there are, well then put one inside the other, cup to cup and then stuff ’em with a rolled up pair of socks on either side. to keep the shape intact, and avoid any folding.

That’s all for now, More later!


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