Being Footloose, day 3, post 2

Hey people!
I’m back with another post in our series of being footloose. So far we are through with twenty-one important and fun facts that tell you why you should be a footloose travel. Now read the next five…

#22 A lady should always look pretty no matter where she is. So all the ladies out there don’t forget to keep a beautiful pair of sunglasses with you always. Make it a point in your check list.
P.S the sunglasses will not only make you look beautiful but will also protect your pretty-pretty eyes.

#23 Are you someone who always misplaces his bag at the airport? Well am just like you in this case, so my personal advice to you is that you should always take a digital photo of your luggage as this will help you describe your bag if it gets lost and don’t forget to take a close-up picture of the airline’s baggage tag.

#24 An important part of you travel is your hotel bill. Don’t be a lazy birdie and pay the amount written against the total column of your bill. Check your bill properly multiple times and if you don’t recognize something then talk to the manager about it. Do it before you leave the hotel as once you are out it will be very hard to fix it.

#25 All of us know that New York is one city that has maximum number of walk-in nail salons in the world but every time you will not be visiting New York, so how will you protect you pretty nails from being chipped? Well leave all your stress behind and go for a gel manicure. It will last for about three weeks and you can enjoy your trip with chip-free nails.

#26 During your road journeys do you often feel like munching something healthy? If yes than try nuts this time. They are not only healthy but are filled with proteins and will keep you energized throughout.

Now is the time for me to push off so till my next post remember what Buddha said, “it’s better to travel than to arrive”

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