Being Footloose, day 3, post 3

Hello people of the world! What’s up?
Today seems to be a rather good day, considering all 3 of us have posted successively one after the other.. 😀

starting off from where Mehak and Benjamin left off,

#27 It’s always a good idea to refine your packing list after you get back from a trip, see the things that you wore only once, the things you didn’t use at all (whatever the excuse might be…) and then successfully eliminate the “extras” form the list. HOWEVER –

#28 Just because you used a piece of clothing less frequently, doesn’t mean you don’t pack an extra pair for just in case, but do make sure that extra pair isn’t a one time only thing.

#29 It’s really good to have a ‘bare essentials’ pouch of sorts, with all your extra toothbrushes, perfumes, tiny samples of cologne, hand sanitizer.. that way all the important stuff stays in one place.

#30 If you’re in a place where you don’t speak the local language, speaking English any slower or louder than your usual tone, will NOT help. seriously. Get a translation book, or an app on your fancy smart phone.

#31 It’s always a good idea to have an actual map on you at all times, just don’t check it on the side of a pavement. In which case you’ve really put yourself out there as a traveler whose lost, and needs to be taken for a ride; check the map in the privacy of either your hotel room, and write the directions on a paper, or see it in a bathroom. Disgusting as it sounds, you’re actually safer checking a map in a bathroom than you are, on the street. Before you go all, “pssh, I don’t need an actual map, I have Google Maps on my phone, duh.” consider this : what if you’re phone’s dead, or you’re in the middle of a no signal area? What you gonna do then, smarty pants?

#32 When you travel, leave your preconceived notions, preset world views, and sky high expectations, at home. You can’t really see when your eyes are closed, or vision is clogged by unnecessary dogma.


That’s all for now, Oh, and don’t forget to read Guest writer Aisha Singh’s article Guest Room Decoration on a Budget
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