Being Footloose, Day 3

Hey guys!  Keeping in tune with this week’s theme, I bring you a few handy tips of my own for your travels…


#17 Know Your Surroundings: Especially get to know the area where you are accommodated. Scan the place. Look out for restaurants, local shops and whatever is available in your vicinity. And make a mental note of the same. Sure it would help you soak in the vibe of the place but it may also help in times of an emergency where you require something.

 #18 Carry a whistle:  It may sound bizarre but it is a real handy thing to have when travelling, especially if you travel alone or like to venture off the beaten track. A real help during emergencies if you are stuck somewhere or need help or are being harassed by unwanted punks. It calls for instant attention and anyone’s bound to wonder about random whistling.

#19 Pocketknife: Spells ‘the most useful object to have’ at least while camping or hiking. You could get fancy with a Multi-purpose Swiss knife though a simple pocketknife would much pretty do the trick. It won’t just cut through that can of beans or help build your own hiking stick but also double up for safety purposes. (Although you may not want to walk around starting fights :P)

#20 Hand Sanitizer: I don’t think I need to explain why you need to carry one; unless you dig the extra flavor that dirt adds to that local delicacy you just popped in your mouth. You may not always have access to a washroom, so Hand Sanitizer does the job.

#21 Strutting around in the same tee and jeans for the third day in a row. Wearing off that one not so happy underwear. Well you’ve been bit by the worst kind of travel disease. You lost your only bag of clothes. Well next time don’t forget to pack a spare pair of underwear and clothes in your backpack just in case your luggage goes missing.

Travel safe. Travel smart.

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