Being Footloose, Day 4

Hello People of the World! What’s up?

Today is such a happy happy day, or maybe I’m just glowing in the awesomeness of yesterday. I had the Best.Time.Ever. Not even kidding – caught a movie with friends, followed by an Improvisational Comedy performance in the vicinity… good times. Which brings me to –

#33 When traveling to a foreign destination, take some time out, to check out the local talent. You’ll be surprised at how easily entertained you’ll be.

#34 It’s always a good idea to strike up non-invasive conversations (and by non-invasive I mean NOT sharing any detail of where you’re currently staying, or how many people your travel troupe consists of, what you can talk about: places to visit, venues for similar such gigs – depending where you are.. and the likes) with people around you, unless of course, there’s the object of your affection, then flirt away, but be careful, you don’t want to end up broke and wearing nothing but a bed sheet.

# 35 When booking hotels or looking for accommodation, call the place directly, no matter which country they’re in, rather than the toll free numbers. The toll free numbers, from experience, are just a bad way to waste your life. When you call the Hotel or what have you, directly, chances are, you’ll be able to get the room you want – beach view/ poolside view/deluxe/penthouse..

# 36 Any site that promises a lower rate than the Hotel’s actual tariff, should be trusted only after you have confirmation from the hotel, that the site that’s offering you the shallow price you’re paying is a legit affiliation. For which again, see #35. You really do have to call the place, to figure out payment options, whether or not you can have a 10% reservation fee and the rest can be settled once you get there.

# 37 Always cross check, and double check the documentation required to travel to another country.

More Later!

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