Being Footloose, day 5, post 3

Just so you don’t trip over on your trips, here are some more helpful travel tips….


#48 Carry a copy:  Make sure you always carry a copy of your passport (also other important documents) when you travel abroad.  You may not always require them but it helps to have a copy just in case you lose your original.  This way you won’t be in a complete fix in a new country and having a copy would help speed up the process for a new one.

#49 Trust the locals when it comes to the food:  If you aren’t sure about what and where to eat; always rely on the locals.  Ask the people you interact with such as your guide, the hotel staff, someone you befriend as to their favorite food joints.

#50 Emergency numbers:  Always keep emergency numbers handy when you travel abroad such as the local police, hospital, the hotel where you are accommodated etc.  You never know when you require help.  Another important number to keep handy would be of the Embassy of whichever country you hail from.  They always look out for their own kind. J

#51 Dress appropriate: Different cultures have different ideas about how one should dress; especially women.  I know it’s your vacation and you want to feel completely free, but it’d be best if you dress according to the country you are visiting.  You would not want to offend any particular culture and its customs, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it.

(Also if you are a woman travelling alone in a new city, you could inform your hotel when you step out and could give them a fair idea of when you would be returning back to the hotel)

#52 Weighty bags:  Weigh your bags before you check in at the airport.  Airlines charge a fair amount of money if you have exceeded the prescribed limit.  So it’s advisable to weigh them before hand and save yourself the unwanted expense.

Travel safe. Travel smart. Make good memories.

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