Being Footloose, Day 5

Hello People of the World! What’s up?

So yesterday I told you about checking out local talent and to always call the place where you plan to stay, before hand, among other things, today I’m back with another set of 5 tips to becoming a Footloose Traveler.

No kidding! :)

#38 Whenever traveling, keep an eye out for giveaways and offers that are up for grabs, there’s always some area where you can cut your expenses, be it cheap air tickets, or alternate accommodations. Beware of scam-y sites which just want your credit card information. Anything that is offered for free, must always be checked and cross checked for authenticity. For example –  Our offer which runs every weekend from now, is publicized all over our Social Media Platforms. You can find us on Facebook –
Twitter – @roomnhouse
Instagram and even G+ and of course, you are reading about it on our blog 😛 So you know for a fact, we won’t scam, or spam you.

Besides, you can always drop in an email from the website to see if the offer is running, or if there’s anything else that you need assistance with.

# 39 It’s a very good idea to follow travel related companies, or organizations on Social Media websites, you never know what you might find! From nifty travel tips to giveaways to food reviews, and places to check out or customer loyalty offers.. the possibilities are, as I keep saying, endless.

#40 Always buy any kind of tickets with the same name that appears on your ID, unless you’re booking for someone else, in which case it should be same name as their ID.

#41 There’s a difference between direct and non-stop flights, know it before you book it. Non stop flights, will not halt at connecting airports unless absolutely necessary, which means that there are lesser chances of a delay. As against Direct flights, which may touch down along airports en route to the ultimate destination, which makes room for more delays than you thought, or even expected.

#42 Use a soft bag, or a duffel bag for add on luggage, because chances are, you won’t need to send it with the heavy duty stuff, you can just squeeze it in the overhead compartment. So think books, and stuff you might need while the plane is mid flight, and put it in there. In doing so, you might just obliterate the need to carry a tote bag for a purse.

More Later!

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