Being Footloose, Day 6

Hello People of the World! What’s up?dT8nkdqTe

Yesterday all of us blogged about some really cool tips to help in becoming a Footloose Traveler, so put on those shoes, pack your bags, and keep these next ones in mind as well! –

#53 It’s a very good idea to segregate and place your stuff, clothes included, in clear see through plastic bags/packets/pouches.. that way there will be minimal rummaging and maximum efficiency! Also-

#54 Keeping clothes in a plastic pouch/bag/packet will keep them wrinkle free for longer!

#55 By all means listen to music while traveling, but keep your ears open for anyone who could be calling out to you, or asking you to get out of the way.

#56 Always carry a set of tissues with you where ever you go, wet wipes as well as the plain ones, you never know when you might need which.

#57 If you’re in a country where your tummy doesn’t agree with the drinking water, you may want to keep your mouth closed in the shower.. No seriously.

More Later!

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