Being Footloose, Day 7, Post 2

Here are my last travel tips for the week.  Hope you find them useful…Solo-travel

#64 Use the card:  There are few places on this planet where you might not find an ATM and chances are you aren’t travelling to those places.  So travel light and don’t carry a lot of hard cash on you.  You could always withdraw.

#65 Spilt it:  Incase you do choose to fatten up your wallet, spilt the cash. Refrain from keeping all of it in one place.  You don’t want to end up with no money just incase you lose your wallet.  So do have a small amount money stashed up in a safe place.

#66 Early bird:  Be an early bird. If you don’t mind traveling at any point of time in the day then always choose one of the first flights of the day. Chances are they are cheaper and you won’t get stuck up with any flight delays.

#67 Avoid get cramped up:  Yes! We have all been victims of traveling at the wrong time of year and we’ve spent restless and cramped up vacations thanks to the other million people who chose to show up at your travel destination.  So next time travel Off-Season. It won’t just give you a lot more space but will also help save up on travel expense too.

#68 Traveling is all about getting away from your routine, unexciting lives and discovering something new within you and the outside world.  So why not take with you something new to listen to as well.  Treat your mind and ears to something new.  Discover a new artist, genre or listen to a completely new album of an artist you already know.  Give a new soundtrack to your life in a new place.  It’ll help better the experience.

Travel more. Experience more…

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