Being Footloose, Day 7

Hello People of the world! What’s up?

It’s a rather lazy sunday, and I’ve tried to work on some nail art, and failed by epic proportions. : I still need to get a grip on this whole let’s-go-all-out-and-out-in-girlie-behaviour-and-carry-it-off-like-a-boss.. But that’s not the only thing you can carry off like a boss, check these out –

#58 Always carry a Sarong with you on all your travels, whether or not you’re going to the beach.. It doubles up as a scarf, a head band, heat protector, a neck warmer.. it’d be really silly not to include it with your other clothes.

#59 When traveling to a cold place, don’t let the bag and your body frame be bulky with layered clothes, instead opt of clothes which flatter your body type, like an overcoat with a belt, just so your waist isn’t lost in all the wool!

#60 When layering, always go by thickness, wear thick layers on the outside and thinner ones on the inside, because two thin layers are warmer and lighter than one thick layer. I personally swear by Thermals as the innermost layer of full body clothing, they’re amazingly thin, yet wonderfully warm!

#61 While traveling to a completely opposite climate zone, carry the necessary skin care stuff, you don’t want to be stuck with sunburn or chappy lips. Oh and FYI Aloe Vera based creams, or the gel of the Aloe Vera plant when applied directly onto a sunburn patch, provides instant relief.

#62 In some parts of the world, it’s just better to dress unassumingly, if you don’t want your derriere pinched by random men. cough-Morocco-cough However, never ever let anyone get away with it. Make a scene if you think it’ll help, but make sure to check if the helping hands you call to, will help you, or your offender.. Which is why –

#63 It’s always better, as a traveler, or even a tourist, alone or in a group, to stay alert. Not too much that it interferes with your actual enjoyment and experience of the place, but you shouldn’t be so complacent that your satchel is missing and you have no memory of when you last had it on you.

 Keep Traveling, Stay Footloose.

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