Being Footloose

Hello people of the world! What’s up?  Last week, we shared some fun DIY projects, which we hope you enjoyed making as much as we did!

This week we’re back with some amazing posts lined up for you, and the topic of discussion is the art or the thievery behind being a footloose traveler! Yes thievery because, these simple tips can really save the chaos which accompanies undesirable stressors which sometimes are a part of the travel package, so it’s like stealing back your mental peace. Now you can either meditate and deep breathe your way through it, or just follow these entirely too simple tips – it’s your call.index

#1 So you’re planning a trip, and are maybe, not too sure of the place, well shout out on Social Media. Seriously, just not in a belittling way, though – people tend to be a whole lot more helpful on the internet rather than in person, and you’ll be surprised at the number of suggestions and tips that flood the status update/tweet after that. Some people might even be traveling to the same place, you might even get some pretty interesting company. 😉

#2 When you pack, ditch the items which can only be worn in one way, i.e. a top that only goes with that one pair of jeans – you don’t need either. Keep your clothing versatile and your shoes neutral. Besides, you will take pictures, and do you really want to be pictured wearing the same combination over and over? Versatile clothing leaves you with more space for other important things like maybe a spare set of batteries or the adapter for your camera, perhaps?

#3 If you’re going for a long long trip, and have a lot to carry, it makes sense to have a “clothes only” bag, that way all your clothes inner and outer, with toiletries included, will be in all one place, and not somewhere in your hand luggage, or a tiny compartment of a bag with assorted contents.

#4 Try if you can to get a quirky colored or styled bag, which stands out from the rest of the bags on the carousel, bags that stand out are rarely ever tampered with or stolen.

#5 Always always always always always make a list of what you’ve packed, and make two check boxes beside each item – one for packing to travel to the destination, and one for the journey back. Any item that’s not double checked unless you gave it away, is likely to be left behind or lost.

That’s all for now, more later!

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