Blink and miss

Hello fellow travelers! where’ve you been lately?

It’s completely mental, the kind of shenanigans my family and I sometimes get into.. but they always turn out to be a rather hilarious learning experience, so I guess it’s cool.

What I’m going to tell you about today is something so sad, it’s almost funny.Remember how I told you, to sync your body clock with where you travel.. tired(Read #12 in well that could not have been better reinforced with this tiny little addition, and the anecdote about what happens if you don’t

Always, get enough sleep before the day you travel, especially if it’s going to be a long haul journey. 


There was an outstation wedding we were to attend. It’d been eons since all of us cousins got together, and had some really crazy good times together, so when we finally got the chance, we’d spend days and nights just laughing at jokes we’d never remember the next minute. That had been the story of our lives for the past week. There was a crazy energetic happy high in the atmosphere, which was charged with happiness, teasing, and overall “no hard feelings” comments.

The wedding was a week away, and we had to take the train to Hyderabad in three days.

Every night we’d try to not be the happy hooligans we were and actually go to sleep, and every night we’d all collectively laugh at our failure. This accounted for 20 really tired people, who had to take the train in less than 3 hours. The geniuses that we all were, we decided to take our bags and reach the station early, which was good in a way, considering that trains have really erratic schedules. As fate would have it, we went to the station 2 hours early, and the train was 3 hours late. Our enthusiasm levels slowly started dipping, and cheap station tea/coffee just wasn’t cutting it. We were like a bunch of happy, exhausted, sleep deprived, zombies.

One by one all of us started to take short “naps” and someone was always on watch duty. Finally the train arrived and we all got on to it, luggage and all. Now’s when the fun part begins, we all got our seats, and finally settled in. All of us, sleeping like logs as we decided we’d make the maximum use of the journey time by catching up on the much needed sleep. Our train’s final destination was not Hyderabad. Everybody and their mother knew that, and yet, none of us, had enough energy to coherently ask our co-passengers to tell us when it was time.

Some 810 Kilometers ahead of where we were supposed to alight, did we all collectively realize, that we’d missed our station. What followed, was a series of phone calls, car arrangements, fare fights, and so much laughter. We arrived just in time for the first function to begin, laughing our heads off, and utterly exhausted, much to the confusion of the rest of the family. Of course once we reached, all traces of sleep had been wiped out, and we laughed to tell our story.

I’ve told my story,
Time go make your own!Travel Smart, and make it fun. 🙂

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