Caught You!!

Hola world! A bit of Spanish effect over me (no am not ditching my French classes it might just be my roommate’s effect though). So far you know my sparkling white dress turned brown story and now I have one more for you. So hold back your seat and enjoy the ride.

Few years back I had a severe disease, am just kidding I had movie fever. After watching New York minute (which is one of my favorite movie) I decide to do something like Mary-Kate Olsen, yes I actually tried to travel without ticket and then I realized these things happen only in movies.


Here is the full story… after watching the movie I decided to hop on to the Delhi-Agra train so with my bag-pack I occupied the last seat in the chair car coach. Though I was scared of the consequences but I was enjoying that moment. The best part was that I was accompanied by a cute handsome looking stranger. The train started and I covered my face with a book (though I was looking at the cute stranger all the time.)

Lost into his eyes I realized someone tapping at my book, it was the ticket collector! Where is your ticket ma’am? He asked. Oops! I lost it was what I was able to speak. Thank god he did not throw me out of the train and just gave me a warning.

That was the moment I realized that some things are just meant for movies and not for real life. Well that was a lesson for me and now I travel with prior booking LOL! Some things were good (that cute stranger) but most of them were horrible.

Here we come to an end. Time for me to push off, so till my next post toodles and keep traveling.

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