Cloud Number 9

“I’m so glad we did this.”
“Yeah, we should chill together like this more often”

..and I floated home on a cloud. Literally. I flew back to Mumbai after that. 😛

Remember I told you about my trip to Goa which was such an epic fail of a plane ride? ( ) Quick recap, two cousins bailed on us last minute, their tickets were with us, which dad spoke to the authorities about, while a battered mother and her son whose tickets never booked because of a “net issue” regardless of which “its absolutely necessary (for them) to take the plane”.. that’s how “Hi if it’s okay with you..” happened.

There’s something enchanting about a beach during the monsoon, it’s a pity I didn’t get to stay there longer.. We were at Colva when it started to drizzle, and then rain heavily all at once. We decided to race back to the hotel, “winners hit showers first!” (we being my sister and I, a few of the bride and bridegroom’s friends.. we’d all met at the wedding, the previous night.) There were 8 of us in that row of 4 twin sharing rooms, my sister and I, followed by the friend brigade. All the elders were chilling in the lobby when they saw us scurry up to our rooms, racing to get to the shower. I lost.

Every floor of our hotel had a fancy waiting area, so I was standing by the window when two other people who lost the race to their respective roomies joined me, it was like Loser Central Lounge until the girl says “He’s my fiancé (fee-yan-say, she says.), I can go shower with him. I don’t need to wait!” and went to her room. Which left me, and the only other person locked out of his room, alone. Not that it was awkward or anything. Correction: supremely awkward.

what’s the Telly telling you?

A short silence later we realized, the television was on, and on MUTE. One look and we both knew what to do. The volume of our antics *may have* traveled down the floor and caused panic, but we were too busy enacting our own versions of what we saw on screen, to care. It was our last evening there, they were leaving later that night, we were leaving the next morning. Eventually it was our turn to hit the shower after that, and get packing. Turns out their late night flight was cancelled on account of bad weather, and rescheduled at the same time as ours. We didn’t talk much at the airport, just smiled at each other in the face of another mute Television set.

It was time to leave, and with a
“I’m so glad we did this.”
“Yeah, we should chill together like this more often” we said goodbye.

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