DIY – all’s well that Towels well.

Yes I know the title sounds weird, but not really.

Today’s DIY is a nifty way to keep your money, and other valuables safe while traveling, in a towel with pockets. (Don’t laugh at the absurdity of the suggestion.) No really, and since the pockets are totally customizable, your unsuspecting hygiene requirement may just end being your knight in terrycloth!

Seriously, just look at the picture :Towel_terrycloth pockets

You don’t always need to stuff money into it, all I’m saying is, its safer than a tell all wallet clip. The “How To” is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll spell it out nonetheless.

Step one : Take a regular sized hand towel and fold it lengthwise/breadth-wise right side out (depending on how deep you want the pockets to be) and secure the ends and the middle with standard pins.

Step two : You now need to determine the size and number of your pockets, stick a few more pins to define each pocket. Take a needle and thread (preferably the same shade, to camouflage the seams) and start stitching, it is better to get done with the extreme, fat edges first, so you have a large looking pocket ready, to give you a fair idea of what it looks like. (besides. if you change your mind on the number of pockets, its easier to go outside in.

Step three : Take each pin and stitch from fold to seam, and stitch the pocket. It’s always a better idea to stitch by hand and do a double hem with the running stitch, because if the machine messes up a stitch, it’s a terrible mess to get around.

But if your machine doesn’t mess up, you could have the whole thing done, in 15 minutes flat! And if you do it manually, it’ll take double the time! 😛

You must now be wondering how to keep it, since you have a nice flap ready, you could have a button to fasten or a string and loop sort of an interlocking system.

I’m gonna go now,


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