DIY – Carry your world with you.

Hello to the people of the world!

I hope your bookmarks and frames are sitting well on the shelf with your picture in it!

Yesterday evening as I was on my way to a meeting, I was scouring through my bag for a pen that had unfortunately fallen into it. Silently cursing myself for stuffing my bag ,with things I’ll probably never use, but keep with me on the off chance, that I might need them sometime. Hmm, If only I had a bag I’d made myself, I’d know it inside out, literally and figuratively speaking! and my bag would cease to be the enigma that it is! I know this isn’t a world changing idea. I liked the concept of making my own bag, but then I’d have to be a needle ninja to pull off such a complicated project. Keeping time constraints and (the lack of a certain level) skill in mind, I just wanted a simple easy peasy pattern to start with.

For the bag which I am yet to make, ( 😛 ) I’m totally going to get a world map printed on my piece of cloth before I start out, so I can make “I carry my world with me” or “I’m sharing a little bit of my world with you” jokes every time I carry the bag with me, and/or take something out of it (which I inevitably always will) to give to someone!

I’ve attached the pattern, as the pdf that I downloaded- DIY Bag pattern

I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to, after I get done with the mountain of work, that sits in front of me.

Please share your tips and tricks, suggestions, feedback in the comments section below!

I’m gonna go now,

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