DIY – Corner Bookmarks/ Photo frames.

Hello People of the World! What’s up?

Today I bring to you amazing corner book marks which double as quirky and customized photo frames!

Start out with one or two sheets of recycled paper, or hand made paper, or any kind of thick, yet scissor friendly paper. I prefer recycled paper, because of the texture and colours! πŸ˜› If you have an A4 sized sheet, you should be able to make 8 bookmarks from it. and still have a room for maybe one more. If the sheet is smaller, then maybe not an entire photo frame, but maybe two book marks may come of it. The good part about a project like this is that there’s minimal wastage. πŸ˜€

Let’s get started – what we’re making today are book marks with a personality! πŸ™‚ they could be reflections of you in many moods or just adorable looking monsters!

Step One :PicsArt_1397035939428
Take a sheet of recycled paper and turn it over, to the relatively planer side. Draw 3 5×5 boxes in an L shape along all four corners (see picture)

Step Two :
Cut them all out, with the remaining space, see if you can fit it more of those 5×5 Ls and cut those out as well.

Step Three :
Draw a hypotenuse along the squares which make the side flanks, on all of your Ls, and once you’re finished, cut along the hypotenuse. (see picture panels 4 and 5)

Now over here, if you want to try something fancy, you can take a pattern scissor and cut along the line you just drew (since recycled paper isn’t very friendly with my pattern scissor, I’ve stuck to the basic)
All those little triangles scraps, in fact any of the scrap left behind, SHOULD NOT BE THROWN away, we will be needing all of it.

Step Four :PicsArt_1397037123970
A) Here comes the fun part, you now have something that resembles the tail of a ribbon. (panel 5 of previous picture) Keep it aside. Now comes the slightly tricky part, keep the marked side of the sheet up, so you see where the lines and all are, and along the line of one side triangle, fold it towards the inside (See panel 6 of picture 2)
B) With the remaining triangles or scrap, take half and cut out smaller triangles or rectangles – these will be the teeth (if you choose to have teeth for your book mark)

Step Five :
For those of you who want the teeth, now is the time to start gluing them on to the edge of the triangle be careful to not spill over to the plain part of the sheet, or the whole point of a bookmark and frame will be lost out on. (panels 7 and 8)

Step Six :
Now Fold the other triangle over only this time, you glue one triangle over the other (panels 9 and 10) again, be careful of spillage. Once you’re through with that, you can make small circular eyes on the other half of the scrap papers from step 4. (panel 11) Stick them and add details (panels 12 and 13 of picture 3) repeat this process for the next 3 bookmarks.

Step Seven :
Figure out the exact dimensions, and use the scraps that you have left behind, or a separate piece of thin cardboard, to cut out a base for the photo to rest on. (panel 14)

Step Eight :PicsArt_1397048288596
Go back to your scraps, now see if you have 4 thick enough sheets orΒ one long sheet which can be divided into 4 keeping the dimensions of your picture in mind, go for it. (panel 14)

If you used an A4 like me, you WILL have enough scrap left as borders to make a 4×3 photo fit in. If you’ve used a larger sheet and lesser book marks, you may even have the back (in which case the cardboard option in step 7 doesn’t apply for you)
Once you have all four sides ready, and you don’t want to use the sides as bookmarks – Take the inside of the fold and stick it on the bottom of the base in such a way that the side folds over the base. (panels 15, 16 and 17)

Step Nine :
Slip the photo in, the bookmarks on each corner, and Ta Da!

As an addition, you can use another piece of scrap, fashion it like a stand and stick it behind the base.


I’m gonna push off now,

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