DIY day 2, post 2!

Hello People of the world! What’s up?

Mehak and I shared our versions of a Travel Album, yesterday and today morning, and now I’m back with a crafty way to keep your bag locked. (pun unintended)
If any of you are parents to little girls, or have younger siblings/cousins who have nimble hands and a wild imagination, chances are, you’re already familiar with scoubidou strings, colloquially called – Scoobies 😛 The possibilities of what can be done with these thin plastic thread like strings, are endless – from jewellery items, to bag enhancements, key chains, wall hangings, curtain strings, bookmark strings, purse strings to bag locks. YES, bag locks.

Metal locks are safe, but these are quirky, and not to mention, amazingly confusing to someone who hasn’t a clue what they’re all about. There are many designs that can be made following the instructions below, but if you want to use them as bag locks, its smarter to first braid 3 strings together, and then pass it through the tiny holes of the zip handles before tying the final knot(s). Be warned, the thicker the braid, the difficult it is to manipulate, you don’t want to get locked out of your own travel luggage! 😛
It’s always a good idea to first do a test run during the initial packing stages – i.e. make a pattern you think will stand the force and mind of person in a hurry, ask a brute with a brain to undo it. If they can, open it, or cut through it rather easily, you might want to reconsider the pattern and the strength of your knot, or the duration of your separation from your stuff. Once you have all that sorted, lets get knotted! :p (terrible rhyme joke. I know. Sorry.)

The first knot I’m showing here is the spiral or the Chinese staircase, because it can be done with only one string as well. If you follow these instructions at – ( with the four that they teach, or the one that I made –

Easy as 1 > 2 > 3 and Repeat!

Step One :So okay I took the picture a few knots down the line, but here’s how to start with a single string, make a loop knot somewhere close to three quarters down the length of the string.

Step Two :

If you followed #1 correctly, you should have one section sufficiently longer than the other. Start by making a C with the long section over the short section. (As shown in the picture)

Step Three :
Now take the tail of the longer section and pass it under the short section and over the C (As shown in the picture) and pull it to form the knot.

Keep doing this and about 8 knots down your spiral would be close to its first curve. Don’t worry if it gets all twisty, which it will. 😛

Relax, and keep going, always remember long over short, and end it with an ordinary knot.

Here’s a little tip for the nimble fingered: You can start with both sides even and switch when one section becomes much longer than the other, the switch may seem a little jarring at first, but it’s really as easy as 1,2,3!

Next we have the basic square knot –

This one is also easy as 1-2-3 but the chances of messing up are a whole lot more, again you can either follow the link here – ( or the picture, and the steps below 😀 *Disclaimer : I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do with this one, so I started out with an ordinary knot and used 4 strings. Do you also need 4 strings? No. Can you make do with 2? that’s super! If you plan to use it as a key chain or bag lock, start with a loop knot.

A little tougher, a little sturdier, virtually indestructible!

Step One : Start with your knot, you’ll now have 4 strings irrespective of how many you started out with.

Step Two :Keep the strings 1,2,3,4 in the North, East, South, West formation, where each number corresponds with each direction. The real fun, and tricky part begins now, form a C (like we did for the previous knot) on the strand to its right (follow clockwise) follow this order only.
A) North over East
B) East over South
C) South over West
D) West under North

If you get that correct, and haven’t pulled all the strings yet, you should be able to see a double S in the formation or a four petaled flower (whatever floats your boat). If there’s anything wrong, check if you followed the order correctly. Once you’re sure, pull on all four strings at once, evenly pressured so the knot forms correctly. It should now look like the top of the shirt button in the picture.

If you got this right, you’re already an expert. So go on, repeat it until you get a considerable length, you can add shirt buttons as an accessory if you like, but that’s optional.

Step Three :

Once you’re happy with the length and want to do no more, end it with an ordinary knot. OR! you can section off two strings and do the spiral for both sides, before finally ending in an ordinary knot.

Voila! You’re through! 😀
Now for the bag locks part, I’ll let this picture do the talking

Yes that is a 3 string braid, passed through the zip handles, and then tied in a spiral ended in an ordinary knot.

It’s been a long post, this one.
I’m gonna go now!


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