DIY – Repurpose

Hello to the people of the world! what’s up?

Today I share with you one of my fiercely guarded secrets about Travel DIY. It’s super efficient because it reduces luggage to about a half. Literally.96e477c774d48feccdb15f0bd3a67bd2

You’ve got to invest in, or invent your own piece of versatile clothing. They usually occupy very little space and can be used over and over without having to “repeat” a look in the same week.

Carry about 4 good light cotton scarves with you, and you’re through for a month of travel. The only other thing needed would be 2 pairs of jeans/shorts and about 3 basic tank tops. The scarves usually double well as tops so if you’re cool with a 5 minute scarf twirl every morning, you may not need tops at all, which gives you more room for all the other, more important stuff like inner-wear and maybe an extra pair of slip ons. Unless you’re traveling to a very cold place, then your bag will be bulky.

So okay, you’re not the scarf kind, no issues. You must have some relatively old, over sized tee shirts, go get ’em. The easiest thing to do is cut them and actually make another piece of clothing out of them.. but then again it hardly does anything for wearing it differently in the same trip. There are a lot of pins on pinterest about this so I’m just going to share the link with you, and you can DIY! – you don’t need to buy the infinity scarf.. you can make it (just neatly sew the ends of a regular scarf together, and make sure the seam stays hidden!) – wrap around top – YES! – must.make.this. – who said only one kind of shoes are possible with one pair?


Now that I’ve given you enough to work with, and saved some space in your bag, I’m gonna go re-purpose some of my stuff!

P.s. you do know that your long beachy skirts or even the wrap around ones are a world of amazing off shoulder dresses, tunics and an entire set of an off middy as well right?

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