DIY! Travel playlist

Hey world! Whats sizzling?

In my previous blog I suggested you about making your travel quote book and its seems pretty interesting, but that quote book would be useful only when you reach your destination, so what about the journey? You do not want to get bored during your travel, right? So why don’t you try a travel playlist this time? A series of your favourite songs to accompany you throughout your journey.


If you are travelling alone then you should definitely try this playlist thing, as you don’t want to listen old and boring songs during your journey specially if you are travelling by bus. As a rescue to this loneliness take a day or two, select your all time favourite songs (make sure this list is long because listening to same song again and again can irritate you till core) download them and get going, and who knows you might help you find someone listening to the same track.
P.S it is also a nice way to build up chemistry with some one.

This reminds me of my friends who found her to be life parter this way only. When she returned from her trip she gave me a call saying that she is getting married and when I asked who that guy was she said she found her during her bus journey. Isn’t it amazing how music brings people together. Not only love but you can even find true friendship like this.

Journeys help you to explore and connect, and music in this case, is just like icing on cake.

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