DIY! travel quote book

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Are you all set to note down all the ‘Do It Yourself’ things we will be telling you through our blogs? After Sonali’s amazing idea of travel scrap book (which I will be doing personally), I will be telling you guys how to make your travel quote book.

When we travel, we encounter many beautiful views and these views turn on our poetic mode. We often create some rhymes or quotes but we don’t write them anywhere thinking of that we can do it later also, with the attitude that I made it so I will remember it, we forget to note down our feelings. But if there is a true poet in you then you should make your own travel quote book.

To get started, first you need an attractive book to write in (it should have an interesting look so that you can write in it). Now you have two options for it, one you can make your quote book yourself, designing it the way you want to, with a collage of your travel pictures or you can keep it simple. But if you are a lazy one like me then select the one that is available in the market.

Now once you are ready with your quote book and your pen you should develop a habit of carrying it with you all the time. It might seem awkward to the world that you are taking notes on your vacation but the happiness you will get when you read your feeling later is worth it and who knows next time they get to read your work somewhere.

So get ready pack your bags and get writing!

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